Very PS5 stock sees customers have success through app trick

PS5 fans have been left frustrated after another series of drops of the new console.

The console has arrived at Very and other stores in recent days – and, as ever, sold out almost straight away, wherever it was offered.

Some stores have taken to adding new measures, selling the opportunity to get the consoles through a lobby, rather than waiting in queues.

And some fans continue to look for ways around those queues and the technical issues that often prevent them from even getting the opportunity to see whether the console is on stock.

As new PlayStation 5s arrived at Very, for instance, fans were advised to copy a specific link into their notes app, and then click through to the Very website from that link. That meant that users would be sent into the waiting room, rather than staring at a page that failed to load.

The latest restocks come as Currys rolled out a “Priority Pass” that will allow players to get hold of the opportunity to buy a console thorugh a raffle system, rather than sitting in seemingly endless queues and trying to tricks to get around them.

Users can sign up to the online lottery by giving the company their details. Currys will then choose “lucky entrants at random” and send a “Priority Pass” to them – that will include a unique code to buy a console, as well as details of which shops they will be able to buy them for.

The codes will only last 72 hours and the company did not give any indication of how many people will receive one, how long they might take, or the degree to which the system is replacing the online queueing system that has been in place since the console was released.