Amazon changes logo icon after comparisons to Adolf Hitler

Amazon has changed the design of its new app icon after it was seen as too similar to Adolf Hitler.

“ My parents use Amazon nearly every day. They’re going to be lost for the next few days. When they ask where Amazon’s gone, I’ll tell them to look for the cardboard Hitler…”, one tweeted.

“It’s not just a ripped scotch tape, it’s a ripped scotch tape that has a similar shape and is right on top of a smiling mouth. Looks like a happy little cardboard Adolf to me”, another user commented.

In a statement about the launch of the now-edited icon, Amazon said: “We designed the new icon to spark anticipation, excitement, and joy when customers start their shopping journey on their phone, just as they do when they see our boxes on their door step.”

Previously, Amazon’s logo was an image of a shopping cart with the company’s name above it.

The new logo now features a folded piece of tape at the top, which seems to suggest pulling the seal on an Amazon package.

The Amazon Go store will open in Ealing in West London, with up to 30 locations across the country eventually planned, according to council documents.

In the US, meanwhile, a worker has died at a facility in Las Vegas after dropping from within the building, according to police, who said he had “fallen or jumped”.