Facebook is quietly building its own smartwatch so it can track your body, report says

Facebook is building a smartwatch that is expected to launch in 2022, according to reports.

The watch will be focused on Facebook’s suite of apps – such as Instagram, Messenger, and WhatsApp – to send messages to each other as well as integrating with apps from health and fitness companies including Peloton, as documented by The Information.

Facebook’s smartwatch will have a built-in cellular connection, so it could work separately from its paired mobile phone – presumably so wearers do not need to carry a second device with them while walking or exercising.

The smartwatch will come with Google’s Android operating system, but the report indicates that Facebook intends to design its own operating system.

Facebook declined to comment when questioned by The Independent.

That said, the company’s reputation for a lack of data privacy may prove a difficult obstacle for a smart watch to surmount.

A smartwatch would offer the company more personal data about fitness and sleeping habits, that the company could then sell to advertisers and profit from.

In February 2020, a report by Strategy Analytics suggests that Apple shipped nearly 31 million units in 2019, compared to only shipped an estimated 21.1 million units from brands like Swatch and TAG Heuer.

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