PayPal down: Website broken as some users received ‘Error 429’ message

PayPal appeared to have stopped working for some users.

Users of the money-transferring service reported being unable to log in or send payments.

Nearly 600 reports were been filed on the site at time of writing, with 37 per cent of people experiencing problems accessing their account, and 30 per cent of people struggling to send payments.

“Trying to make an eBay payment and it cannot load the webpage, Chrome, Edge, Safari, eBay app, all get stuck at the PayPal payment”, one commenter said.

Another added that they were seeing “Error 429” pop up, which is a HTTP error when PayPal experiences too many requests.

“Damn, PayPal checkout down on multiple sites today. Not a great day for that to happen, I suppose,” one user said.

One Twitter user tweeted the PayPal UK account, saying that it “seems to be down right now. Is there any ETA known for when it be back up?”

“It does appear that we had a temporary issue with online checkout, but that has now been resolved”, a PayPal support representative told The Independent.

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