PS5 stock update UK: Argos warns customers it has no consoles for rest of year as customers scramble to buy PlayStation

Argos has said that it will not be offering any more PS5s for the rest of the year, amid ongoing frustration and upset among fans desperate to buy the new PlayStation.

Since the console was released on 19 November, it has been nearly impossible to buy. It is out of stock at all major retailers, and has been since launch.

Rarely, and unexpectedly, retailers will update their sites with what always appears to be very limited stock. Any listings immediately cause a flurry of interest on social media, and then sell out very quickly.

That has left fans scouring the major retailers for updates one whether they have stock and when more might arrive.

Argos, however, has told players they need not do so, since the company has confirmed it will not be listing more consoles at least through the end of the year.

“Sorry, PlayStation 5 is currently unavailable,” a message on the console’s listing page reads. “We will not have any further stock for the rest of 2020.”

No other major retailer has stock either, but Argos is the first to give explicit guidance about future supply, or lack of it.

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