PS5 stock Amazon: New PlayStation console listings appear at £100 prompting concern

A listing of £100 PS5s on Amazon has sparked excitement and frustration as customers desperately rush to buy the new PlayStation.

Much was unusual about the listing: it offered the console for much less than its actual price, and the seller had no history and identified itself as “a gift list to get a £30 gift card”.

But the excitement to get the new console has been such that many flocked to the listing and wondered whether it would be worth taking advantage of the listing.

The PlayStation 5 was first released on 19 November, but sold out long before then. While some limited amounts of the new consoles have been released since, including on Amazon, they have been very few and far between.

Every time a new console appears on any site, it sparks a flurry of interest in social media, as customers rush to buy them. They regularly sell out as quickly as they arrive, seemingly in part because they are being snapped up by automated systems and bots.

That means that any listing is likely to bring large amounts of interest. Any listing that offers the console at such vastly reduced prices – the RRP is £360 for the digital version and £450 for the one with a disc drive – will see even more interest.

But it appears that the listing was fake. Amazon is understood to have removed the listing and taken action against the person involved.

It also is understood to have cancelled any orders related to the listing. Customers are advised to contact the company if they need further support.

A large part of the confusion arose because Amazon sells products through its own channels in the traditional manner, but also allows third-parties to sell new or used products through its marketplace.

The £100 console was one such listing, appearing on the usual Amazon page despite being from a separate and third-party seller.

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