Google updates Android to let users control their phone with their eyes

Google has launched a new experimental application on its Android devices that allows people to choose preselected phrases on their phone screen using only their eyes.

“With the app, people simply have to look left, right or up to quickly select what they want to say from a list of phrases”, Google’s speech and language therapist Richard Cave explains in a blog post.

Users are able to personalise the word and phrases so that their “authentic voice” comes through, and the eye sensitivity setting can be adjusted so users are not inadvertently choosing phrases while using their phone.

Looking left, right, and up – offscreen – lets users choose from a list of phrases that continually narrows down until it reaches the one that the user wants, which the device then speaks aloud.

“All of the data is private and never leaves the phone”, Cave says, adding that the feature can be used where “communication devices couldn’t easily go—for example, in outdoors, in transit, in the shower and in urgent situations.”

Look to Speak is available to everyone and is compatible with Android 9.0 and above, including Android One.

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